Purified Water

Our water source is The Great Miami Aquifer, created by a North American glacier that extended down from Canada and stopped at what is now the Ohio River. The glacier receded and left water filtered by limestone and sand. The water stays a constant 56 degrees year around. Water from the Aquifer is iron free, which is essential for great whiskey.


The yeast in Triple Crown was grown from scratch at the distillery. This strain has been used and perfected for almost 70 years. Many Master Distillers will say the yeast is the most important part of making great whiskey.


Triple Crown North American Blended Whiskey is an 80/20 blend. The 20% Bourbon is the most expensive bourbon ever created. 40% of the bourbon mash is small grain Rye & Barley Malt. 60% is corn. Bourbon typically only uses 20% small grain.

Aging Process

All of the barrels used in the aging process are first fill bourbon barrels. All barrels are stored in brick warehouses for the most consistent aging process possible. There is a more consistent temperature throughout the brick warehouses than you will find in a standard bourbon warehouse.


Barrel Warehouses

Brick warehouses allow for less fluctuation of temperatures and a more even distribution of temperatures through out the warehouse. This makes for a much more consistent aging process.


The Finest Ingredients

Triple Crown’s bourbon has a mash bill that consists of 40% small grain ingredients. 36% Canadian Rye & 4% Barley Malt. The remaining 60% of the bill is made with the finest bourbon grade corn available.


Canadian Pacific Canadian

Pacific Railway cars bring the finest small grain in the world to be used in our mash bill. Canadian Rye is a major contributor to the flavor and complexity of Triple Crown’s finished product.


Bourbon Barrels

The distillery barrel warehouses are stocked with first time filled, charred oak bourbon barrels. All barrels are stored in brick warehouses for the most consistent aging process in the industry.