Triple Crown is a true North American whiskey blend that features subtle notes of warm vanilla and butterscotch. Made with the highest quality grain and matured in charred oak barrels, a touch of sweetness and a spicy, small grain finish form Triple Crown’s rich and refined flavor profile. Our barrels rest in a well-ventilated warehouse that sits atop a Missouri hillside. Through the changing seasons, the staves of wood expand and contract, which allows more of the charred oak flavor to absorb into the final blend and results in a taste that evolves and delights with each and every sip.
A true American whiskey blend, Triple Crown’s delicate flavor comes from over 160 years of bourbon-making experience, using secrets passed down from one master distiller to another. It begins with fine, cask-matured bourbon crafted at a distillery with a heritage that dates back to 1856 and is expertly blended using techniques that have been refined over time.
Taste and tradition unite to create Triple Crown’s signature flavor. Exceptionally smooth and rich with character, Triple Crown is the ultimate North American blended whiskey.